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To find out more about being a Professional Investor, please see definition below

Professional Investor*


Under the Firm’s FCA Scope of Permissions, the Firm is restricted to providing a service to two of the three categories of client defined by the FCA i.e. the client must either be a Professional Client or an Eligible Counterparty, but not a Retail Client. Eligible Counterparties can only be supplied with the services of the execution of orders or reception, and transmission of orders and, as such, Pharo will generally treat all clients as Professional Clients. The FCA has identified Professional Clients as the following:

  • Firms authorised or regulated to operate in the financial markets by an EEA State or a third country
  • A collective investment scheme or its manager
  • A pension fund or its manager
  • A large company or business meeting certain tests
  • A national or regional government, a public body that manages public debt, a central bank or international institutions
  • Institutional investors
  • A large undertaking meeting two of the following size requirements on a company basis:
    • Balance sheet total of EUR20M
    • Net turnover of EUR40M
    • Own funds of EUR2M